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Hey guys,

Today's post is - again - a what's in my bag post. This time I'm showing you guys what I took with me while running from show to show during Paris fashion week a few weeks ago. For the first two shows of my first day of fashion week I wore the following outfit.
The clutch is from the New Look summer collection, I am absolutely in love with it and I've been taking it with me everywhere I go. Now off to the main subject of the post, what was in this watermelon?

My Steve madden notebook which I used when I felt like drawing or writing things down during shows
A pen to do the drawing/writing
Some MAC Selected Sheer pressed powder for when I needed a touch up
MAC Prep + Prime concealer cause nobody want's dark circles on pictures
A Parisian metro map & metro tickets for when I had to take the metro to another show
My Jo Malone pommegranate noir body creme, I tend to put this on my neck because I love the smell
A case for my SD card for when I want to change cards when it's full
My iPhone 5s, dressed up as batman thanks to the Zara iPhone case
 Some of my namecards and namecards people gave me during the day.

As you can see I only took the essentials with me since I don't really feel like walking around in Paris the whole day carrying kilo's of stuff I don't really use... Off course I also always carry my camera and a bottle of water with me.

I hope you guys liked the little peek inside my fashion week bag.  
Which essentials do you guys carry with you in your bag?



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Hey guys!

Thursday evening I payed a visit to the press opening of the By Timo x Diamanti Per Tutti pop-up store in Antwerp. About a moth ago I visited this pop-up store when it opened it's doors, it was then just a Diamanti Pertutti store that was ment to be opened during the christmass season, but because of the big succes they dicided to turn the store into a DPT pilot store. Now, Diamanti Pertutti and the Swedish brand By Ti Mo have decided to collaborate and turn half of the store into a By Timo shop-in-shop pop-up store.


 Pictures thanks to TURBULENCE PR

 Next to the Diamanti Per Tutti collection the shop holds the By Ti Mo spring/summer collection which is a perfect mix of good quality fabrics, happy bright colours and hand made garments. When in Antwerp, don't hesitate and visit this awesome shop-in-shop store.

You can visit the pop-up shop until the 29th of march at 
drukkerijstraat 12
2000 Antwerp


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Hey guys!

I know I know, it's been ages since I last blogged. I felt like it was time for me to take a blogging-nap and focus on school and other projects for a while... But hey now I'm back!

A few things have changed, I decided to create a website where I can show you guys what I have been working on lately (styling and photography wise), so from now on you can chack out my work on melvinjonckers.com.

So on to today's post, last week I traveled to Berlin for a week full of museums and meetings, I decided to go by train since this is way cheaper and I don't really mind being on a train for a couple of hours. Today I'm showing you guys what was in the bag I had with me on the train, there's not really that much in it since I'm a real light traveller when it comes to hand luggage/ handbags.

My Louis Vuitton wallet which I use basically everyday
A vintage fur scarve for when it get's chilly on the train
My l'Occitane subtle violet hand cream for when my hands get dry
My bar of gold USB stick with work documents on
Two of my favorite perfumes, Calvin Klein be and A&F's Fierce
A pack of cigarettes and a lighter, just because
My Zara gloves, it tends to get chilly in Berlin
Namecards, because you never know who you meet
A notebook and a pen for when I need to write something down
VMagazine so I have something to read on the long trainride
And off course my cellphone with the cutest panda case ever around it.

Like I said there's not too much stuff in my bag, I hope you enjoyed having a peek inside of it.

So anyways, what do you carry in your bag when travelling?